If you have a desire to…

🔮 Say No and communicate boundaries with confidence

 🔮Support and love others while maintaining your own energy and vibration

 🔮Identify and end repeating patterns in your life so you can ditch the people pleasing and over giving

🔮Learn the Art of Self Soothing emotional triggers and bring healing to your soul

 🔮Access your natural flow state while freeing yourself from overwhelm and burn out

Without feeling guilty or selfish, fear of “retaliation” or “backlash”, or second guessing yourself all the time …

This program is for you!

It’s time to STOP over-giving your energy, time, space, resources, etc.

There is a better way to experience life, but it starts with YOU.

Inside my 1-1 coaching container, I combine strategy and soul so you can connect with your magic and begin taking actionable, strategic, soul-guided steps toward the life you truly desire.

If you’re ready to take INSPIRED ACTION and:

 🔮 ALIGN with your higher self through badass boundaries so you can access new levels of freedom in every way (personal, emotional, energetic, relationships, location, time, etc.)

 🔮 RESTORE and Maintain healthy relationships with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues while keeping both your sanity AND your inner peace in tact

 🔮 TRANSMUTE unwanted or negative energy and RESTORE your natural high vibe state

🔮  ATTRACT your soul tribe, people who will deeply and truly understand you, by being your most authentic, badass self

 🔮 UNLOCK and Implement the principles of self healing in order to experience new, deeper levels of Self Love, Self Worth, and Self Care

🔮 ACTIVATE or reconnect with your souls purpose so can you bring your power filled magic to the world through leveling up your career or business, securing that promotion, or quitting that corporate gig altogether!

Then this 90 day program is for you!

During our time together you’ll receive:

 ✨ Weekly live 1-on-1 calls with yours truly

 ✨  All the tools you need to succeed like a total badass

  ✨ VIP Access to me in between weekly calls

  ✨ BONUS: Monthly Energetic Alignment Sessions

  ✨ BONUS: Access to my vault of Mindset Mastery Magic so you have the tools you need to maintain your high vibrational energy level

Sure, you can keep making attempts to set flimsy boundaries that don’t stick...but imagine how much more drained, overwhelmed, and burnt out you’ll feel in 6 or god forbid even 12 months from now ...


You can take your power back NOW with this program and learn the tools and techniques to create true, sustainable transformation in your life.

I have very limited spaces available so if you are a Lightworker or Empowered Empath, click below to book your free breakthrough session to see if we are a good fit! 


It can really be difficult to feel heard by others, especially when in a place of struggle. Or one step beyond that, it can feel difficult to focus in on one struggle when there are so many flying around like pieces of shrapnel in a tornado. Becki is the calming light in that storm - she creates an aura of peace, of hearing your struggle and going a step beyond that, finding the hidden "a-ha" within the "superficial" wound of that struggle. The line that connects what seem like random dots. She gives you space you need to let out what needs a voice and follows every part of the story, and then is incredible in stitching it all together to help you see the bigger picture. So many wonderful "wow" moments of realization and understanding dawning. She is a guiding light!

Monika A.


Becki Tendrich is an Empowerment Coach + Spiritual Mentor that empowers Lightworkers, Empaths, + Intuitives to set badass boundaries so they can access new levels of freedom, flow and magic in their lives through badass boundaries. She is passionate about helping people to take their power back so they can live the happy, free, and fulfilling life that they want! She is a Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Ecotherapist (Nature Connection). She is also trained in various holistic modalities including: Shamanism,  Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Herbalism, and Mindfulness. Becki also has her Masters Degree from The New England College of Business and spent 15 years working in the financial sector of corporate America before stepping out of the societal norm and sharing her true gifts with the world.

Fun fact: This picture was taken at one of Becki's happy places and home away from home,  Witch City - Salem, MA!



This is where you'll find me hanging out the most! There are loads of trainings, videos, and badass content to help you on your journey! And also ... the people are awesome!

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"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life."

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


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