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Guest Post: The Power of Visualization

Updated: May 9

Written By: Kristie Santana

The National Coach Academy

Visualization is a method used by the most powerful athletes, executives, coaches, and leaders in the world to achieve goals and visions they dream for themselves. If you’ve ever felt the need for motivation or strategic thinking around your goals, this is the method for you.

Because of the increased confidence and clarity it provides to your journey, you should consider learning why visualization is an effective tool to help you manifest the outcomes you want in life and health. Understanding what you’ll see, feel, think, and hear if your wish becomes reality helps guide not only your subconscious brain, but your actions leading up to your desired goal.

Subconscious Awareness

So many of our choices are decided by our subconscious before we actively think about them. Since it’s possible to “prime” the human brain (practice patterns of thinking to strengthen the subconscious), visualization makes your brain unconsciously comfortable with the idea of the outcome you want. Humans are often resistant to change and discomfort, and sometimes the things you want to happen make you excited and even nervous.

Practicing visualization of those goals and events that scare you, especially when you’d love for them to happen (think skydiving or asking someone on a date), only grows your comfort zone as you subconsciously become familiar with the emotions and energy the scenario would bring to you.

These are the kinds of activities many coaches are trained to practice with you, and sitting down with a professional coach and practicing visualization is one of the most effective ways to experience its impact.

Guided Actions

We take actions based on the goals and outcomes we want in the end. If you want the outcome of graduating college, you choose the actions of studying and working hard in school to get closer to your goal. If you want the outcome of losing weight, you take the everyday actions such as eating healthy, exercise, and sleeping on time.

Using visualization helps you see your end goal as clearly as possible. This means that when you are faced with choices along the way, the actions you choose are guided by the clear vision of your desired outcome. If you clearly visualize healthy weight loss for yourself, you become comfortable with how certain actions look in your world along the way. Perhaps you visualized how great you’d feel completing your workouts in a week and because you experienced that energy in visualization, you push through the workouts despite their difficulty.

If you truly want to reach a goal, you can train your brain from the inside out and rewire your thinking to support the actions that will bring you there. Visualization allows you to enter the reality you want before it happens, it expands your comfort zone, increases your confidence, and lets you retrace the work you will need to do to achieve that outcome. When you become familiar with the energy and emotions around receiving what you want, you are more likely to make guided choices and improve your chances of success.

If you are working towards short-term, long-term, or even “unrealistic” goals that may just come true with some guidance and clarity, consider practicing visualization to bring yourself closer to making them real.

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