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Spolier Alert: Manifestation is Hard Work

Updated: May 9

Spoiler Alert: Manifestation is HARD WORK

I have to be honest – I have seen WAY too many Facebook and Instagram ads about manifesting FAST. It is made to sound as if Manifestation will bring things out of thin air into existence because you say you want it or intend to manifest it. In my experience, that simply is not the case so I wanted to clear a few things up and share the low down on manifestation….from my perspective anyways!

What is Manifestation? In short, manifestation is setting a clear and actionable intention, committing to it, and backing up that intention with effort. I do believe that the Universe is on my side ... I also believe I am expected to make an effort and align myself with the type of behavior and circumstances that will support me in achieving my goals.

So … here’s the way I see it:

Be clear on what your intention is. I’ll use a recent example from personal experience that I’m pretty excited about. I set the intention (or goal) to book 6 workshops between April and May. In February when I set this intention, I had nothing booked for either month. I had 2 possible contacts that may want to host the workshop. I knew that I was capable of providing a quality workshop and that there were people interested in hosting the workshop and also people who wanted to attend the workshops. Be clear on what you want to manifest and commit to your vision fully with unwavering faith. This brings me to the next point …

Break down your goals into reasonable action steps. Once you have set your intention and committed to it 110%, break down the goal into reasonable action. For me, I started with the easy – called my 2 contacts and behold! They were interested in hosting the workshop. PERFECT! Total confidence booster and I had 2 out of 6 booked. There is no shame in starting with the low hanging fruit. I actually recommend it – It helps get the momentum going and increases motivation to keep working. I also made a list of businesses I could get in touch with and also put out to my personal contacts that I was looking to book this workshop and to let me know if they knew anyone that may be interested. Then take that confidence and that “to do” list and …

DO THE WORK! Yes, Beautiful Souls! This is the hard part. You actually have to work for it! There were definitely times I thought it would not be possible to book the other 4 workshops. I made time every week day to contact people. After about 2 weeks, I had exhausted my list and had 1 additional workshop booked. And let’s get real – I may be a *little* on the impatient side, so I was having a hard time understanding why my voicemail box wasn’t full of people wanting to book this amazing workshop! This was a great reminder that …

Sometimes you have to wait. Yes – also the hard part. The dreaded waiting period. This is the scary part. When you begin to wonder if you’re going to fall flat on your face. This is totally normal - but, ’d like to remind you that you will not! As I patiently, or mildly impatiently, waited to hear back from people, I took a step back and let go of the outcome. I reminded myself that this is possible and we live in an abundant universe, but no matter what happened, I was still worthy as a person and business owner. Patience is a virtue (I’m still working on it!)

Change your habits to support your intention. While you are out there doing the work, you will find this likely requires a change in your habits. You have to align your habits with whatever intention you set. In my case, I used my (day job) lunch breaks to make phone calls and I carved out time to send out emails and do research in the evening. This was not particularly pleasant because I love to binge watching Netflix, but I knew my goal was more important so Netflix had to take a back seat for a little while. Take an assessment of what habits currently help you or hinder you and make adjustments accordingly. Start small and work up to bigger change. You don’t want to overwhelm your system by implementing a ton of changes in a short amount of time.

Mindset matters. Believe 100% whole heartedly that what you want to accomplish is possible and know that you are capable and worthy of achieving it. If you catch that inner hater coming out, get her in check. Being aware of where your mind Is going will help a ton. Create affirmations to support your intention, if that’s helpful for you. Know that a fundamental truth in life is that all of your wildest dreams are here and readily available for you to access and make them come true. Surround yourself with like-minded and supportive people – this really works, ya’ll! Do whatever it is you need to do keep your mindset in the right place – even when things get tough. (The Law of Attraction is huge in manifestation: What you focus on is what you will get.)

See the results. As you keep your intention and mindset aligned with your goal, you’ll see the magic begin to happen. You may even see things beyond what you would have expected! When you operate from a place of abundance, knowing that everything you desire is available to you, things (seemingly) just start to happen! You become more open to opportunities, circumstances, and people that will help you get there. The Universe is indeed conspiring with you to make all this happen. As I released my need for people to respond to me about these workshops and kept coming up with outreach plans, lo and behold – before I knew it, my May and June Calendar was full! When I let go of the self-created anxiety around the situation, I created space for my success! Not only did I meet my goal of scheduling 6 workshops, I’ve come across even more amazing people, experiences, and opportunities than I could have ever anticipated!

Final thoughts. One of the biggest things about manifestation is that when you are looking to bring something into your life, take a long and hard look at the “why” behind it. You are more likely going to have an easier time manifesting if your goal is not only in service of yourself, but also to others. For example, if you want to be a millionaire – Why do you want the money and what will you do with it? What would it feel like for you to be a millionaire? How would it impact you, your family, and the people around you? Having heart centered intentions will help you align with your best self and manifest your deepest desires.

When you are manifesting something you truly desire it, this process becomes fun and easy. If you find yourself getting stuck or maybe things just aren’t working on, it’s ok to reassess your goals and/or your plan! Sometimes a “No” in the moment is a not a “No” from the Universe, but a lesson to be learned. It may also be a call to approach the scenario from a different vantage point. Stay curious, open, and heart centered and watch how things unfold!


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