• Becki Tendrich

Spring Equinox Ritual: Planting Your Seeds

Spring Blessings Everyone!

As spring is quickly approaching, I wanted to share this ritual I created to leave behind things that are no longer serving you and usher in a new, fresh intention.

Spring is a wonderful time to look inward and begin planting seeds in your life to manifest what you truly desire. It is a time of fertility, abundance, and new growth and I am excited to see what the spring has in store!

Here is a Spring Ritual I’ve created for you to plant seeds in your life:

Items you will need:

· Cleansing tool of choice (smuge stick, herbs, spray, etc)

· 1 white candle

· Meditation music, optional

· Paper and pen

· Journal, option

· Small bowl of water

· Flower or vegetable seeds

· Small pot/planter

· Planting Soil

For The Ritual:

1. Gather all items needed & find a quiet, peaceful space for you to perform your ritual.

2. Cleanse the space chosen for your ritual and begin to set your intention for this ritual

3. Light your candle

4. Meditate for 10 – 30 minutes (with or without music) on what you want to release this spring and what you want to plant for yourself.

5. When you are ready, take your paper and tear off a couple small pieces (but enough space to write on)

6. On the first piece of paper, write what you are letting go of.

7. On the second piece of paper, write what you are planting for yourself

8. If you have additional thoughts and feelings, feel free to grab your journal and continue to write more about it

9. Take the first piece of paper and hold it over the candle and say “I release ______” . Then put the paper in the bowl of water

10. Take your pot/planter and place the second piece of paper, folded up small, and place it at the bottom and say “ I am planting ______ in my life this spring.”

11. Add some soil to the pot, then add your flower/vegetable seeds.

12. Water your seeds

13. Place the pot in a place that will get regular sunshine and water it regularly

14. Remove the burned paper from the water and place it in the recycling.

15. Blow out your candle, take a moment to thank yourself and the Universe, and to reflect on the intention you have set for the spring

16. Close out the ritual by connecting with nature: earthing/grounding, take a walk, star gaze, hug a tree, dance in the rain (if it’s raining), tend your garden, or whatever feels best to you.

If you plan on having a garden outside, feel free to skip the pot/planter and put your paper directly in the ground with your seedlings!

Feel free to change this ritual in anyway to better fit your needs. This is about you taking time for YOU, honoring your needs, and getting ready for all the amazing things 2020 has to offer.

Many Blessings to you all!

Becki xo


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