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Sessions are 50 minutes each for $85


Let’s engage in an open hearted dialogue about what’s important to you and what you see for yourself in this lifetime. As we co-create a space of safety and comfort for your deep self healing and exploration, you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself better than ever. Through the process of curious inquiry, you will get to know the many parts of you that make up your being. By doing this, you will gain a level of self-awareness and increased confidence to begin shedding old patterns of thinking and begin to take action in your life to align you external life to the true nature of who you are.

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Nature is a source of incredible healing. Ecotherapy honors our innate connection to nature and allows space for us to be with nature, talk about nature, and heal with and through nature. “Connecting with the wildness of nature helps us experience our primal and authentic self, clarify what we most value, and gain the strength to speak from this truth.”* Ecotherapy can be integrated into our indoor sessions or we can take our Coaching or Reiki sessions outdoors (weather permitting) and be fully supported by Mother Nature. I also provide simple, easy techniques to bring nature connection into your everyday life, no matter your schedule.

*Quote from Ariana Candell, LMFT, R-DMT Ecotherapist – The Earth Body Institute


Reiki is a wonderful way to relax and open your body while balancing and cleansing your energy. Shamanism provides an outlet that empowers you to remove blockages that have built up over years of repressed emotion and negative thought patterns. Within a Shamanic Reiki session you will have the opportunity to activate your own healing through cord cutting, power animal retrieval, aura cleansing, journey to the past or future and more. By connecting with each other on a deep level through Shamanic Reiki you will have a powerful, yet gentle transformational experience. Each session provides time for debrief and discussion on what was experienced so you have an outlet to begin processing and integrating your experience and what you have learned.

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Journey deep within yourself and go to altered state of consciousness outside time and space to non-ordinary reality, aka a parallel universe. During your session, you will be in a trance state with the use of a Drum to better access your subconscious. Here you will be able to retrieve information from spirit guides, animals, and other helpers who make themselves available in non-ordinary reality to aid in your healing. You will have an opportunity to part the veil between the seen and unseen world to access information and energies that can help awaken you and restore you to wholeness. This is your time to take your power back and use it to change your life in a way that leaves you feeling empowered, creative, aware, and connected to your intuition.


Take a deep breath in … exhale. Let’s take a moment to connect with your physical body and clear your mind. Mindfulness is incorporated into most of my sessions in the form of centering, grounding, and/or contemplation.  Mindfulness has the ability to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase brain function/attention/focus,  increase clarity, and has many more benefits!

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Join me in a group setting to co-create a safe space to explore your creativity while letting go of your inner critic. As you allow your intuition to guide you through your artistic expression, you will begin to trust and lean into the creative process. All creative projects are infused with love and intention in order to be an uplifting reminder of who you are. When applicable, projects are cleansed with smudge spray and infused with Reiki before you leave.

Price per person varies.


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