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Working with Becki Tendrich to bring clarity to the future of my business was such a breath of fresh air! Every time we would meet or talk on the phone I felt so energized and motivated after! Having someone to hold you accountable can really help make things happen fast, especially if you're a procrastinator like me! Becki can help you see what's been holding you back and how to get out of your own way to make a change. She beautifully incorporates both business and personal life coaching to bring a successful balance!

Aimee B.

I have worked with Becki for over six months. I don't think I have ever gotten such beautiful vibes from any human than I have from this kind, loving soul. As a trainer she is generous with her knowledge and constructively critical in her praise. As my mentor coach she taught me to think outside the box and to listen to my heart whenever my head got in the way. She is so full of energy, life and commitment for the work she is doing. She is constantly learning and growing her own perspective to help her clients. Do yourself a favor and make the leap, do a consultation with her and you will not regret your decision.

MaryAlice S.

Becki was very in tune with the direction needed in the reiki session she enlightened us both with. We settled on the ground next to a babbling stream in the woods. She took her time dialing into, what I didn't expect to go anywhere, countless possibilities. I received a great message and I doubt I ever would of received it if it wasn't for Becki and her intuition. I trust her with my deepest thoughts and I highly recommend her and her therapy to anyone that needs guidance.

Jesika S.

Becki was a wonderful instructor for our dreamcatcher workshop. She was very attentive, helpful and supportive! Will definitely be back for another workshop soon!!!

Kasey N.

Becki is an asset to the coaching industry. She has a way of targeting the things in your life you would like to improve on and discussing realistic ways to make those goals happen with accountability. Her work is extremely valuable because her role in individuals lives is not permanent, by example, she shows her clients how to coach themselves to reach their next levels. I highly recommend her.

Airiel S.

Becki is amazing! She really gets to the heart of the problem and helped me view my situation from a new perspective. Her warm and friendly demeanour made me feel right at ease. We covered everything I wanted to work on and then some! She helped me uncover and work through areas of my life that I didn’t even know was affecting me the way it did. I am more confident and have more clarity in several aspects of my life!

Jenine S.

Spending time with Becki greatly encouraged and empowered me. Our meditation gave depth to my dreams and vision of self improvement. Thank you!

Sasha B.

Becki was great. She helped me connect how my behavior and my goal were t disconnected. I had difficulty and felt stuck in an area in my life and she challenged me to identify and practice alternative scenarios to tackle for the next time. She was great at providing guidance. I would love to have another session with her anytime.

Edith D.

Really enjoyed her dream catcher workshop. Great teacher, positive space & lots of fun!

Shelley N.

Becki is awesome. Her presence immediately gives you a deep sense of peace and comfort and her guidance is intuitive and open. She never judges or gives advice, she simply allows you to answer your own questions and find your own voice. My session left me feeling refreshed and more confident in what I truly want out of life. She helps you truly discover your inner voice and dreams, while keeping you accountable for achieving them.

Genette J.

Beckie got me right away! She is a good listener and understands. Her skills as a coach (she hates that term) are well developed. It must be a gift.

Lisa P.

Becki not only was easy to talk to but listened without judgment. Her questions were always thought provoking and on target to see the clearer picture. I have implemented changes based on our conversation and have seen a difference.

Amy E.

Becki is very understanding and provides a safe place to feel inspired by your own being. Wonderful to talk to you. Thank you Becki for the help!

Allison V.

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